counsellor in Peterborough Cambridgeshirecounsellor in Peterborough Cambridgeshire
I am a counsellor in Peterborough Cambridgeshire and a fully qualified psychotherapist registered with the UKCP.

Compassion and common sense are at the heart of my practice.

I approach all of my clients with immediate concern for relieving the distress and symptoms that have prompted them to seek counselling or psychotherapy at this time.

I am keenly aware of the need for clients to feel safe and un-judged within the therapeutic environment and so my clinical practice is individualised, thoughtful and paced to maximise clients’ functioning and to help improve the quality of their lives.
I am an active participant in the therapy process and will provide feedback if the person I am working with is seeking it.

counsellor in Peterborough Cambridgeshire
My treatment approach is attachment orientated and psychodynamic.

This means that fundamental to my work is the development of a strong therapeutic relationship – as without a sense of connection and psychological contact between therapist and client there can be no therapy.

Ultimately the treatment relationship aims to support clients regain a sense of trust in others, and in themselves.

I belong to an integrative relational-developmental school of psychotherapy, and rather than focusing heavily on past events, I help clients integrate their past with their present.

I work collaboratively with clients and provide a context of support and acceptance to explore the genetic and environmental forces that have shaped the persons they are today. This helps to provide valuable insight and perspective on their current circumstances and problems.

counsellor peterborough
I have a special interest in working with trauma and attachment issues. I continue to undertake advanced training in trauma therapy and endeavour to apply the latest advances of neuroscience and clinical research to my practice. Many events can be traumatising and may cause traumatic reactions (sometimes many years after the event); examples of these include sexual, physical and emotional abuse, witnessing violence, bullying, medical procedures, falls, accidents, bereavement, natural disasters, and neglectful relationships.

I work with many individuals who have experienced trauma and its ongoing legacy and have deep respect for clients’ painful struggles as well as their strength, resilience and capacity for growth.

If you would like to contact me to discuss any of the above or to make an appointment, please call 07717 884509. Alternatively you can email me at