Counselling for Traumatic and Overwhelming Experiences

counselling for trauma and overwhelming experiences peterboroughTrauma is often misunderstood, ignored and denied; in the aftermath of the most painful assaults to our humanity individuals are left isolated, untreated and suffering.

We become traumatised when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelmed. Many of us hold varying degrees of trauma in our bodies and psyches following such overwhelming events and trauma can impact us in ways that may not show up for years.

I assist clients to address and resolve trauma in their lives. I work from an integrative perspective combining different approaches to release and process trauma. Why this approach? Because when is comes to trauma no two people are alike – trauma is unique to each individual. An event that proves harmful to one person may be not cause the same degree of distress to another.

I work alongside clients to:

  • Help resolve the overwhelming emotions and feelings of trauma
  • Comprehend how the mind has made sense of the event(s) and adapted in order to keep functioning.
  • Focus on resolving the aftermath of physical sensations and memories that reside in the body, these are unspoken voice of trauma.

Working in this way helps clients access their natural capacity to heal by tapping into the powers that reside deep within them and within each human being. Metaphorically we set out to cultivate some firm ground upon which clients can once again grow to feel safe in the world, to build relationships, and to live life more fully and creatively.

Although nothing can change the past, trauma can be resolved and relationships with ourselves and others can grow and heal. My approach to working with the debilitating residual effects of trauma supports clients to utilise their inherent resources and strengths to build a stronger sense of self and safety in the world.