Counselling for Sexual Abuse

counselling for sexual abuse peterborough

Are you struggling to survive the dehumanising effects of sexual abuse? Do you want to begin the journey to put abuse in the past so it no longer controls who you are, how you feel and the way you live your life?

Living through sexual, physical, and severe emotional abuse can leave psychic wounds that are harder to heal than a bodily injury. Whether male or female, whether the abuse was inflicted as a child or as an adult, survivors are often thrown into crisis and their world into chaos.

Psychotherapy will offer you an opportunity to explore, work through and beyond experiences of sexual abuse and violence. It can provide you with additional support and a safe, compassionate and professional relationship to gradually put you back in control of your life.

If you are experiencing the painful legacy of sexual abuse, perhaps in the form of some of the following symptoms:

I can offer you a safe therapeutic space where you can begin to give voice to your experiences, a place where you will be heard and believed, and the time to progressively put the pieces of yourself and your life back together and begin the process of relegating the trauma of abuse to the past.